Steamed Banana cake (Bánh chuôi hâp)


5 large Bananas (or 6 small ones)

60 g sugar


1 and a half cups (170g). Tapioca flour

75 g of water (you need more water if the flour is a little bit aged)

You can add colorant if you like a more intense color of the cake


Mix the flour with the sliced. bananas and add the tapioca. flour (Bôt Nâng) and the colorant if you like.

Leave the mixture forapprox. 15. minutes


Wrap a saucepan lid in a tea towel (this helps to avoid condensed water. dropping into the cake).

Line the form in which you want to steam with foil (a freezing bag can be cut and used - it will stand the heat) and put some oil on the foil.

Put the mass into the form.

Steam on a water bath for 30 min.. Put the lid on the saucepan when the water starts cooking. (stage 6 on an electric oven)

Check if the mixture coagulated.

Cool it down and then turn the form.

Enjoy the steamed cake i.e. with coconut milk.

Best wishes for 2021!!!


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